About us

The lovely Oberlausitz in the Eastern part of Saxony is our home. We live in Neukirch, 50 km far from Saxonys capital  Dresden and 15 km far from Bautzen.

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We are both born in 1955! My husband Gerd, the hobby do-it-yourselfer, and me, Erika, the impassionate breeder!


Pet Cats have always lived in our house. But due to the constant increasing traffic in front of our house, the keeping of animals became a bigger problem.
My dear Gerd was very surprised when he came back from a business trip and suddenly a little cat was looking at him.

This was in 1995. And our "Nanni" - Afra from Humboldhain laid the foundation to our hobby breed.


Now, Nanni spends her evening of live at my daughter's house as a "outdoor cat"!

In familian conditions, we breed cuddly and cute kittens in different colours.
Our cats come from the best Norwegian Forest Cats breed lines.

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